I have worked and volunteered at many nonprofit organizations in the past and present including; Habitat for Humanity, ALEA Bridge, HCAP, and others. I have a passion for working in my community to improve the lives of those most in need. I think we all have the potential for kindness if our basic needs are met first. 
This organization was founded in loving memory of my brother, Jesse, who recently died at 24 years old. Jesse and I grew up together and we were very close. Together we endured some very rough circumstances including chronic homelessness, hunger, poverty, and many other challenging circumstances. Feed the Heart is truly a legacy that I wanted to set up in his honor to live on in his memory. 
One memory that has always stuck with me of our very early years was my brother saying to me often "I'm so hungry, sis" I can never forget that. 
I feel like maybe if a program like this had existed before, his life might have been so different, and maybe it could have even saved his life. I hope it can save someone else's "Jesse". I will forever miss mine.


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