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Feed the Heart is a nonprofit food program serving healthy, mostly organic options. It is the goal of Feed the Heart to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy a healthy nutritious meal. The hot food program through Feed the Heart serves Oahu's low-income and homeless communities. Feed the Heart also provides educational programs and workshops for low-income, homeless, and recently incarcerated individuals in areas such as self-empowerment, financial literacy, and job preparedness coaching with resume assistance.

The Foundation Story

Feed the Heart Inc was founded in loving memory of Jesse Fyffe. Born August 26, 1995 - died June 1, 2020. Jesse gave his life to save someone else. I hope that his last act can start a domino effect of good deeds at Feed the Heart Inc. 

My brother, Jesse, our other brother, Eric, and I were chronically homeless as children and in and out of foster care until we were later adopted. We struggled with a lot of things, but hunger was one of the most urgent and painful. One of my longest preserved memories from childhood is my brother Jesse telling me, “I’m so hungry, sis”. That kind of hunger pain lingers in your mind forever keeping you in survival mode. Jesse lived his entire life in a state of permanent survival mode. Jesse was always a fighter though, he spent his entire life fighting the odds. 

I feel like if there was a program like Feed the Heart to step in and give my brother something positive to grasp onto then he might still be here today. I pray that Feed the Heart saves someone else’s ‘Jesse’.

Written by Founder

Destiny Watkins

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