Our Story

Feed the Heart aspires to be a food program serving healthy, mostly organic options for everyone via a food truck or trailer. Instead of attaching a price to the menu items, Feed the Heart is entirely sustained by donations. Donations sponsor the meals allowing everyone the opportunity to enjoy a nutritious meal, without paying. Feed the Heart also focuses on creating opportunities to learn how to be self-sustaining while increasing opportunities for low income, homeless, and previously incarcerated individuals.​

The Foundation Story

I Founded Feed the Heart Inc in loving memory of my brother, Jesse, who died at 24 years old. To explain why Feed the Heart is a nonprofit restaurant I will share one of my longest preserved memories of my early childhood and a bit about who Jesse was, and why I wish Feed the Heart could save all the Jesse’s of this world.

My brother, Jesse, our other brother, Eric, and I were chronically homeless as children and in and out of foster care until we were later adopted. We struggled with a lot of things, but hunger was one of the most urgent and painful. One of my longest preserved memories from childhood is my brother Jesse telling me, “I’m so hungry, sis”. That kind of hunger pain lingers in your mind forever keeping you in survival mode. Jesse lived his entire life in a state of permanent survival mode.

Jesse was the kind of person to always have a good joke and a helping hand for anyone in need. He truly had a kind heart and was as loyal a person as they come if he cared about you. He would never tolerate anyone hurting a woman or a child and he could never stand for a bully. He loved football, the color green, classical rock, he rapped and made music, and had dreams and goals. Jesse still had so much left to do in this world, so much untapped potential and life to live. He had a family he was starting and his first child on the way.

I feel like if there was a program like Feed the Heart to step in and give my brother something positive to grasp onto then he would still be here today. I pray that Feed the Heart saves someone else’s ‘Jesse’.


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